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Energy Medicine - Emotional support 10ml bottles


Vibrational Medicine


'Emotional Intelligence Technology'

The Ultimate Health and Healing tools offered by QiGrow include the revolutionary Vibration Remedies, 'Emotional Intelligence Technology'.

Vibration Remedies contain subtle electromagnetic energy infused in pure spring water. When ingested or worn, these vibrational frequencies communicate information to our energy and physical bodies, correcting imbalances, raising our consciousness, and in turn offering Awareness, Insight and Support.

Note: The Information is Energetic, Vibration Remedies do not contain any physical properties other than H2O. It is the Vibration that counts (sound/light/geometry), that's what makes the difference, that's what YOU are tuned to receive!  

"Everything in life is Vibration" Albert Einstein.


If you are familiar with a computer, we can relate our human selves and Vibration Remedies into these terms; the hard drive is our physical body, this is where all the information is stored (more to the point the 'fascia crystalline matrix'), the operating system is our personal energetic system including our mind and cellular network, the software is the information within our environment, this includes our perceptions and beliefs.

Vibration Remedies are software upgrades, they contain specific information to enhance our operating system in how it perceives our environment and how our mind and energetic system makes decisions, creates an emotion and, in turn, allows for what we want and desire to be returned to us via magnetic attraction. (This is how the law of attraction works via natural Universal laws of like attracting like).

Vibration Remedies provide assistance, very gently and subtly, to our intelligent internal energetic system, raising our awareness and consciousness to enable us to function effectively in our external environment while bringing balance and harmony to our internal environment.

QiGrow Vibration Remedies currently available include:

The Essence - Core of Truth

Devic and Nature Forces


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