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Sacred Geometry Unity Pendant

The Unity Pendant contains information of the universe in its design and will help you to understand your purpose in life just by studying it when you have a quiet moment.

The same geometrical shapes that are in the Unity Pendant design are also within our own DNA. People, including you, that are drawn to this symbol are searching for a deeper understanding of our connection within the Universe, and the special part we will play during the ascension process the earth is going thru at this present moment. It gives us the remembrance of who we are and where we came from and instills the fact that everything is connected and at its core, of the same Oneness.

By concentrating on the very centre of the Unity Symbol , your eyes will notice a myriad of shapes. These shapes will be constantly changing as your brain tunes in to more and more of them. Some fade out to make way for others to appear. This can be a daily exercise you can use for your eyes and brain, as it will strengthen your sense of concentration and activate parts of your brain that may have been dormant for some time.

Your mind recognizes symbols more than any other data because it is the Universal language. When looking at the Unity Symbol , Neuro pathways are being built in the brain, raising your awareness and opening up channels for higher perception.

The Unity Pendant is a gift. A gift that is to be shared with friends and family to connect back to the Oneness of Unity Consciousness.

Available as a full colour 25mm sterling silver pendant and as a hologram 30mm sterling silver pendant.

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